"woodworking truly gets me into a state of flow where I am immersed in a feeling of engergized focus. It's so rad to be able to follow my passion"

Meet The Maker

My name is Ryan Means and I am the owner and lead craftsman of Kollide Design Co. From a young age I became very familiar with a hammer and nails. My father has been a general contractor for the last 40 years, so since the very beginning, building and working with wood has been a large part of my life. Many of my childhood memories include working on fun projects like building a treehouse, making skateboard ramps and designing anything my young mind could dream up! As I got older my interest in woodworking grew and my projects became more personal. I began designing and building furniture pieces and other household items for myself. I enjoy being creative and by incorporating my love for design and woodworking, I was building things I was proud of and excited about! Soon, family and friends were requesting their own custom pieces. What once was a passionate hobby became a business!

In 2018 I joined together my enthusiasm for woodworking and entrepreneurship to create my own company, Kollide Design Co. Whether it is collaborating with people or Kolliding together different styles and materials, I have always enjoyed bringing together aspects of the world around me to do what I love most, which is create! Kollide Design Co. represents the uniqueness and creativity I desire to achieve with each new project. Much like the bright and beautiful ever-changing patterns in a kaleidoscope, I aspire to create products that are unique and special, something people will treasure for a lifetime.

Team Work Makes The Dream Work

Behind the scenes at Kollide Design Co. is a team of awesome people who step up to help make this dream a reality! Each new project is an opportunity for somehing special to happen. Through hours of collaboration, we work passionately towards designing the most quality & beautiful products we can offer. It is my community that has gotten me to where I am & it will always continue to be a driving source of my inspiration.

We thank you so much for all of the support! We couldn't do it without you!